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Ada Mary Abeckett Children's Centre | Ada Mary Abeckett Children's Centre


At Ada Mary A’Beckett, we want everyone to feel that their needs are being met. All people, (the big as well as the little) are very important to us. We  believe our good reputation is built from offering innovative programs and specialized care.

Our centre is a space for all, the children, the parents and the staff.  We want all people to find the space inviting and therefore we make sure that  , the Ipod is on, the foyer displays lots of nice things( to engage all ages) , there are flowers in the vase and a smiling face to welcome you.  We ask our families what they want in their childcare centre, and strive to meet these demands.  We open longer, we stay open 52 weeks per year and we offer a fully inclusive service.

Over the last 19 years our families have invested in our service and we have revamped all our outside spaces, with the latest redevelopment being the installation of our creek bed in 2012. Over time we have changed our plastic and Formica furniture for hard wood, and moved towards more natural materials for the children to enjoy. We believe our centre is a continuous work in progress, constantly moving forward, to meet the ever changing needs of our Port Melbourne community.


Bernadette Dower



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